Camera Catches 2-Year-Old Twins Having Epic Party After Bedtime

Twin toddlers party all night after parents go to sleep

Twin toddlers party all night after parents go to sleep

A video recorded on a home monitoring system by two NY parents shows 2-year-old twins Andrew and Ryan having a late-night party while they are supposed to be asleep.

As their now-viral video shows, 2-year-old Andrew and Ryan escaped their cribs, played around their couch, built an awesome pillow mountain, practiced gymnastics, and more.

They take a short break to chat on the couch, and then start again.

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"My wife and I just heard a lot of giggling and playing so we were just eavesdropping on them for a little while and we didn't want to disturb them because they were having so much fun", Jonathan Balkin told Global News.

American father Jonathan Balkin set up a camera in his twin boys' bedroom to see exactly what they were getting up to after he and his wife went to bed and the results are nothing short of unbelievable. "Then after a while we decided, OK, it's time to intervene and put them to bed".

Their father is shown entering the room at one point to put the boys back into their cribs and restore order to the room - but it doesn't last long. "That didn't really work out so well". Nearly from the moment dad leaves the room they scamper out of their cribs and are once again fast at it. They eventually went to sleep later in the night.

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