Kim Jong-un is behaving 'very, very badly' says Donald Trump

Kim Jong-un and B!-B bomber

Kim Jong-un and B!-B bomber

Rocket engines are easily re-purposed for use in missiles.

North Korea formally insists the rockets are for its space program.

Euan Graham, director of worldwide security at Australia's Lowy Institute, said the North Korea's twin civilian and military rocket programs may have "become so sophisticated they're moving on separate tracks".

Tillerson sat down for talks with China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Saturday but their stances remained miles apart.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi pushed back against the tougher US line on North Korea, reiterating his country's view that the only way to rein in its reclusive neighbor is through talks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered the start of the test and oversaw it from an observation post, the KCNA reported.

Woman claims an OC restaurant employee asked her for 'proof of residency'
She told the Register she is anxious incidents like these will continue because of the political climate surrounding immigration. Saint Marc could not be reached for comment, so we don't know to what degree the incident has affected the restaurant's profits.

The leaders of the USA and China will hold a summit around April 10, but a breakthrough is unlikely.

On Friday, Arab sources claimed that weapons being trucked across northern Syria near Palmyra towards a Hezbollah terrorist base in Lebanon, destroyed in an air strike by the Israel Air Force, were advanced North Korean missiles.

President Trump told reporters Sunday that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was "acting very, very badly" hours after the rogue state test-fired a new type of high-thrust rocket engine. That was a clear warning to China and suggests that the regional situation is fast headed for a historic turning point.

Asserting that the cause which intensifies tension on the peninsula lies in South Korea-U.S. joint military drills, the paper said the United States is the very main culprit of provocations and threats that is carrying out exercises against the North day and night. This is no time to try and score political points off national security.

The United Nations forbids North Korea from conducting long-range missile tests, but allows its satellite program for peaceful use.

Mr Khalid said Pyongyang has yet to offer any assistance in tracking down four North Korean suspects who are believed to have fled Malaysia shortly after Mr Kim was killed at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Wang also rebutted Trump's tweet, maintaining that China has "devoted much energy and effort over the years" to addressing the North Korean issue.

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