Meals on Wheels receives huge donation of food

CNN Panelist Scolds: 'We Cannot Have a Grown-Up Conversation' on Spending

CNN Panelist Scolds: 'We Cannot Have a Grown-Up Conversation' on Spending

A recent study found that delivering more meals to seniors' homes results in fewer people going to nursing homes because those capable of living on their own with little assistance can remain at home. Metro Meals on Wheels, which covers Minneapolis and St. Paul, said the group received about 40 donations in the past 24 hours, well over the usual average of three or four donations a day. What the budget does propose is the elimination of community development block grants, which a portion of the nation's 5,000 Meal on Wheels programs rely on for funding.

Trump's budget blueprint is just a proposal for part of the federal budget (the administration's full budget should be released late in the spring), and it's important to remember that no president's budget has ever been left intact by Congress.

Here in Dallas, only about 60 percent of the Meals on Wheels funding comes from donations. And her point is fair, since during the evening network news broadcasts Thursday night, they declared that: "There's a lot more money for the military but there are critics who say popular programs and the poor would pay the price". But to say Trump is mercilessly cutting a program that saves elderly lives is an oversimplification of the larger budget problem. Last Friday and Saturday following the unveiling of Trump's budget, more than $100,000 was donated to Meals on Wheels online.

"The good news that it has rallied folks around the cause and reminded folks that they can't really take these kinds of services for granted", said Patrick Rowan, executive director of Metro Meals on Wheels.

Bertolette said the support to the national Meals on Wheels office has been "amazing" and "very overwhelming". There is now no evidence that any of these programs are being cut or that their budget reductions would affect Meals on Wheels programs. Each day, volunteers deliver roughly 4,600 hot meals to seniors across Dallas.

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Yes and no. Meals on Wheels America (MOWA), the national membership organization, says it receives only 3 percent of its $7.9 million dollar budget from the federal government (approximately $239,347).

In addition to the proposed Community Block Grant Program cuts, the Department of Health and Human Services could also see a 16.2 percent decrease in funding.

Mike Mulvaney, director of Office of Management and Budget, defended the budget when asked if it was "hard-hearted" to those in need. I say "yet" though.

"If they come through and make these cuts, our seniors will starve", said Allison Booker-Brooks, CEO of the Houston YWCA. Group president Katherine Krause called the proposed budget cuts concerning.

"Meals on Wheels is a wonderful program", he said.

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