Meet Julia, a New 'Sesame Street' Muppet with Autism

Lesley Stahl watches a taping of “Sesame Street”               CBS News

Lesley Stahl watches a taping of “Sesame Street” CBS News

And when a group of children decide to play tag together, Julia becomes so excited she starts jumping up and down.

According to Jeanette Betancourt, Sesame Workshop's senior vice president of United States social impact, "In the United States, one in 68 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder".

The hugely popular children's television series "Sesame Street" has announced its newest character, a muppet with autism, just days after news of President Donald Trump's budget cut plans prompted concerns about the future of the show.

Erika believes a big misconception is that children living with autism do no not want to have friends.

"Julia is a little girl who is showing that she has some challenges initiating and making friends, which is very typical of kids with autism", said Rachel Gardner, psychologist and director of the Autism Center of Excellence at Fraser.

Gordon has a son who has high-functioning autism and says it was great for the show to add a character like Julia. She's a mother with a son who has autism. "And [they] would have known that he plays in a different way, and that that's okay".

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There's a new face on "Sesame Street". Julia, a Muppet with autism, is a shy 4-year-old with red hair and curious green eyes.

Elmo and Big Bird are getting a new neighbor on Sesame Street: Julia, a muppet with autism. On an episode of CBS News' 60 minutes program, Christine explained that there are many different ways that autism can present itself.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 1 in 68 school-aged children in the US has autism. At that point, Julia was a character in children's books, a mobile app, and online stories and videos produced to help kids better understand how to empathetically interact with people who have autism.

"Oh, hi Julia. I'm Big Bird". Gordon explained, "As the parent of a child with autism, I wished that it had come out years before, when my own child was at the Sesame Street age".

The Sesame Street team wanted to make sure that the character was portrayed well, and they worked closely with autism organizations when creating Julia.

"I remember him having meltdowns and his classmates not understanding how to react".

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