NFL Competition Committee proposes cutting overtime to ten minutes

NFL Competition Committee Reportedly to Suggest Suspension for Illegal Hits

NFL Competition Committee Reportedly to Suggest Suspension for Illegal Hits

The idea is that during preseason and regular-season games, overtime will be slashed from 15 minutes to 10. The committee will meet next week in Phoenix to discuss the potential change. On this type of play, a player will run and jump over the center, trying to time his leap at just the ideal instant to clear the players on the line of scrimmage before blocking the kick.

The Competition Committee has proposed a rule that would shorten overtime in regular season games to ten minutes, down from the 15 minutes that the overtime period now lasts. That way, teams that have a Thursday game the next week won't be at a disadvantage from potentially playing an entire extra quarter just four days earlier. Postseason games would keep the traditional 15-minute time limit.

A report by NBC Sports states that the league owners will soon be voting on a proposal to shorten NFL overtime periods to just 10 minutes of game time. That rule change also stemmed from complaints, where fans and the Green Bay Packers whined about losing to field goal kicks in the extra period. That breaks down to less than two percent of all regular season games, suggesting that this proposed rule change won't have a huge overall impact on the league.

Ties are now thought of as sacrilege in football in the United States - but if the NFL overtime rules change, that line of thought might not be as strong as it once was. Would the owners agree with the players on this issue?

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Maske reported the committee is also expected to bring forth a proposal for centralized replay that will allow the National Football League office to make rulings in consultation with the referee. Some believe making them full-time would improve the quality of the officiating in the NFL.

One of the biggest drawbacks to shortening the overtime periods is that more games could result in a tie. The downside of the proposal is that there could be more ties during the regular season.

All this is going to do is create more ties, while not actually changing the style of play in overtime.

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