Some of Android O's most important new features may have just leaked

Some of Android O's most important new features may have just leaked

Some of Android O's most important new features may have just leaked

But that doesn't mean we can't get a peek at what Google is planning for the next major update to the Android platform.

Just so as to bring you closer, the latest names should also have something to with the final dimensions of the Google Pixel 2 phones.

Rather than stop at Android 7.1.1, which is already perplexing enough for users, Google has made a decision to downgrade the Nexus 6 to Android 7.0 because of a bug on 7.1.1 that has broken Android Pay for many users.

Galaxy S8 breaks cover in blue, white and silver
What does this mean? LG is reported to come up with this advancement first and Samsung is expected to do the same thing. We say seemingly, because they don't quite match up with the images of the S8 in various colors that leaked recently.

App icon badges: On oldie that's been knocking around for years on iOS and some third-party launchers, this would bring at-a-glance waiting notification number bubbles to app icons on the homescreen, as a native Android feature. This will come in quite handy because notifications will be able to present badges that can show the exact amount of notifications an app has. Less than 3 percent of all Android devices have Nougat installed as of right now.

As per the report, picture-in-picture mode, which is only available on Android TV now, may also make it into Android O.

Dynamic icons that change are another of the features that have been mentioned in the report; And it is something that can now be found in the Pixel Launcher for Google Pixel smartphones. Google might push this feature to Android tablets, but with phablets as big as the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+, picture-in-picture might make a useful addition on smartphones too. The last time this happened was back in 2015 with the Pixel C, which could also mean it's about time the company released one. A smart text selection floating toolbar and gesture support are also said to be coming to Android O. The details are scarce at this point and we don't know much about these features and its usability, but it's said that smart text selection will be integrated with Google's AI-powered virtual assistant. Picture-in-picture allows you to display a pinned window in the corner of the screen, while allowing a user to continue consuming media content in the original window. The design could actually emerge out of a merger of the Google Project Andromeda and Android OS and the improvements prepared for the shelved project will now be included in Android 8.0. But before we proceed any further, we'll have to advise you to take the following information with a big grain of salt, as none of the tidbits we'll be sharing with you are 100% confirmed.

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