When Merkel met Trump



At the press conference, Trump said it was "unfair" for the United States to shoulder the bulk of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation budget and he welcomed Merkel's pledge to increase Germany's military spending.

In another demonstration of how he is using Twitter to get around normal channels, Trump tweeted Friday: 'North Korea is behaving very badly.

He prefaced his statement by lashing out at the news media.

At one point Merkel can be heard saying: "Do you want to have a handshake?"

The German government has obtained information that the United States may have monitored the mobile phone of Chancellor Angela Merkel and she called President Barack Obama on Wednesday (21 October) to demand an immediate clarification, her spokesman said.

Spicer during a Thursday briefing cited a report by Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano as evidence that the President's residence were secretly recorded. It has kept Europe at peace.

The alliances's roughly $2 billion operating budget is paid by fixed apportions across the 28 allied members.

But member states resolved to increase their defense spending after the dramatic events of 2014, when Russian Federation annexed the Black Sea peninsula Crimea from Ukraine and began backing separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine. Many live in southern states that voted for Mr Trump.

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Nato, trade and Ukraine were high on the agenda, but the focus was on how two leaders with contrasting ideas and leadership styles would interact.

Five - Britain, Estonia, Greece, Poland and the United States - have met that goal.

Reluctant as it is to spend more on defense, Germany remains a vital element of American military presence in the world with an estimated 50,000 U.S. troops manning some 170 military facilities deployed on its territory.

The encounter will be aimed at building a personal rapport with a European partner who was among former President Obama's strongest allies and global confidantes, White House officials told the Associated Press earlier this month. "It's a 10-year investment program and allies are making progress, slowly".

In addition to pouring over previous interviews, Ms Merkel's team also analysed the President's interactions with other leaders such as Prime Minister Theresa May, Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Germany, whose militaristic past has led it traditionally to be reticent on defense matters, now spends 1.2 per cent of GDP.

The list of possible topics for their talk is long: NATO, the United Nations, the fight against the Islamic State, the situation in the Middle East, Afghanistan, North Korea, climate change and defense.

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