Texas State Senate paving the way for self-driving vehicle testing

Vermont House committee approves gender-free restroom bill

Vermont House committee approves gender-free restroom bill

State Rep. Chris Turner is asking top professional football and basketball leaders to weigh in on the proposed "bathroom bill" in Texas.

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The governor and his staff will come to conference committee meetings, when the House and Senate versions of the bills are reconciled, to advocate for his proposals.

Dayton has proposed a $45.8 billion biennial budget; the House has proposed $46.3 billion; the Senate is at about $45 million. Democratic Senator Vincent Sheheen said inserting tax cuts would likely kill the road-funding effort for another year. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in January that Texas should "protect those who protect us" by paying for bulletproof vests, which can withstand rounds from high-caliber firearms.

"Gov. McMaster, please be the governor of this state and stop worrying about re-election", Rutherford added.

The House Appropriations Committee added nearly $25 million in funding to the bill.

No action was taken on the gas tax bill, so the Senate will reconvene Thursday at 10am. Many of his fellow Republicans say it would be irresponsible for the state to borrow money for an ongoing need since state taxpayers would be paying interest on that debt, while $1 billion would barely make a dent in improving state roads. The judiciary committee has until the end of today to decide whether to forward them to the Senate Rules Committee or to the full Senate.

But as the House members pointed out, the Legislature's clock is ticking, and the Republican senators have yet to decide on what type of compromise they might agree on. The bill must still be approved on a third and final reading in the House.

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock visit the White House
The three were pictured together in the Oval Office along with Rock's fiancee, Audrey Berry, and Nugent's wife, Shemane Deziel. Another photo posted showed Nugent, Palin and Rock posing in front of a portrait of former first lady Hillary Clinton.

Another small but noisy faction - made up of Republican libertarians - insists a tax hike isn't needed, saying restructuring of the state's Transportation Department and spending priorities in the answer. We know what the problems are here in SC. It's not about cutting income taxes in a state that already has low taxes.

Despite bipartisan support for the measure, 11 Republican senators voted against it, including Sen.

Senate Bill 2145 would reduce the school finance formula from two tiers to one tier and eliminates certain pots of money that have been given to school districts for certain students, like gifted and talented and high school students, instead using one pot of money for all students.

"There's always room for an agreement", Massey said.

"When we have folks who are in crisis and have access to weapons, we have awful, bad outcomes", Ratti said while testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the proposal earlier this month.

A large crowd is expected in Representatives Hall for the House public hearing Tuesday on SB 3, "an act relative to domicile for voting purposes".

Tax supporters have routinely said that with every delay in acting on a gas tax increase, the cost of road fixes move upward on South Carolina's 41,400 miles of roadways that need hundreds of millions of dollars in annual repairs.

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