Iran says won't stop its missile program

US President Donald Trump's administration chose to stick with the existing nuclear deal with Iran on Wednesday, renewing a waiver of nuclear-related sanctions.

Such policies could include "ballistic missile tests, arms shipments to the Houthi rebels and Syrian President Assad, and aggressive naval maneuvers in the Straits of Hormuz", she added.

Raisi has sought to portray the nuclear deal as an empty promise perpetrated by Iran's adversaries, calling it "a check the government has been unable to cash".

Iran denies ever seeking nuclear weapons and foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said on Thursday that its missile programme is part of its "absolute and legal right to build up the country's defensive capabilities".

The report's release coincides with the Department of the Treasury's announcement of new sanctions related to Iran's ballistic missile program. This may be meant to "undercut the impression that Trump is softening on Iran", The Associated Press wrote.

The Trump administration will have to waive more sanctions next month, should it wish to maintain the historic nuclear deal.

One of President Trump's biggest targets on the campaign trail was the Iran nuclear deal.

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"This ongoing review does not diminish the United States' resolve to continue countering Iran's destabilising activity in the region, whether it be supporting the Assad regime [in Syria], backing terrorist organisations like Hezbollah [in Lebanon], or supporting violent militias that undermine governments in Iraq and Yemen. At least as of now, it appears that drastically changing USA economic sanctions on Iran is taking a back-seat to domestic concerns", he said.

But in April, Mr Trump ordered a wider review of the nuclear deal, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Iran "remains a leading state sponsor of terror, through many platforms and methods".

"There is no material difference between what Treasury has done today ... and missile designations that took place multiple times under the Obama administration", said Richard Nephew, a former member of the US-Iran nuclear-negotiating team.

But Washington's top diplomat for the Middle East, Stuart Jones, said in a statement that the department had told Congress that "the United States continues to waive sanctions" that were lifted under the Iran deal.

The brinksmanship and its capacity to destabilize the sanctions waiver, depending upon the relationship between Trump and his Iranian counterpart after the elections, has oil traders on the edge of their seats.

All five remaining candidates in the race have said they would uphold the nuclear deal.

Richard Nephew, a former U.S. negotiator with Iran now at Columbia University, called the renewal an "important step" in maintaining the deal but said it was still threatened by "congressional pressure, Republican politics, and the views of many people" in the Trump administration. The planes were officially given to Iran Air in a ceremony Tuesday in Toulouse, where ATR is based.

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