Julian Assange says will not forgive or forget after Sweden drops investigation

The panel said he should be freed and entitled to compensation.

Assange complained in a tweet that he had been "detained for 7 years without charge" and said he would not "forgive or forget".

Organizer Ben Griffin told RT that now the investigation into Assange has been dropped, the British government should allow Assange to leave the embassy and travel freely to a destination of his choosing.

Following Sweden's decision to drop the investigation, WikiLeaks said its "Justice for Assange" campaign would now focus on the United Kingdom, because British authorities have refused to confirm or deny whether an extradition warrant had been issued by the USA that could still lead to Assange being extradited there.

When the Swedish announcement was made on Friday, WikiLeaks commented through its Twitter account that the "focus now moves to the UK".

U.S. President Donald Trump said last month he would support any decision by the Justice Department to charge Assange.

Assange is still accused of breaching his bail conditions in the United Kingdom for fleeing to Ecuador's Embassy.

Prosecutors frustrated by Assange's refusal to return to Sweden for questioning eventually came to London to meet with him at the Ecuadorean Embassy a year ago.

Ecuador, which has granted Assange asylum, says it will step up diplomatic efforts to gain him safe passage to the Latin American country.

The Swedish Prosecution Authority said in a statement Friday that Marianne Ny "has chose to discontinue the investigation".

The European arrest warrant was issued in 2010 after two women came forward saying they had been sexually assaulted by Assange.

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The statute of limitations on the rape allegation expires in August 2020. The rape allegation, the more serious claim, remained under investigation. But I regret that Julian Assange was not brought to the Swedish court of law to answer the allegations against him.

Assange has said that all the sex was consensual.

The prosecutor, Marianne Ny, told a news conference in Stockholm that she could make no judgment on Assange's guilt or innocence.

Assange was arrested by Britain in December 2010 and released on bail while fighting the extradition order to Sweden, a bid that finally failed in June 2012 when Britain's Supreme Court declined to reopen the appeal.

Samuelsson, the lawyer in Sweden, told Swedish Radio he had been in touch with Assange via text message and the Australian had written, "Serious, Oh My God".

"It is a scandal that a suspected rapist can avoid the judicial system and thus avoid a trial in court", attorney Elisabeth Massi Fritz said in a statement quoted by The Telegraph.

Despite Sweden's decision to drop a rape investigation, British police say that Julian Assange still faces arrest if he leaves Ecuador's London embassy.

The Ecuadorian embassy is now guarded around the clock by London's Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to prevent Assange from escaping. "The MPS will provide a level of resourcing which is proportionate to that offence", it said.

Police kept up round-the-clock guard outside the embassy until a year ago, when the operation was scaled back.

During the most recent USA presidential election campaign, WikiLeaks published emails from Hilary Clinton's staff and the Democratic National Committee which some believe helped to lose her the election.

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