Pat Toomey says he's open to "smoothing" transition for Medicaid changes

I personally know individuals who, prior to Obamacare, were denied health insurance because of the following pre-existing conditions: breast cancer, Crohn's disease and situational depression following the death of a child.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch said Wednesday he is open to delaying the repeal of the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act that requires consumers to have health insurance, according to The Hill. "That's what's causing this disruption in the insurance market". At some point you will need health care. So, on one of thousands of issues, the Feds and government in general have their hands in our pockets, fleecing us for their own benefit and that of their benefactors and K Street lobbyists.

As a general rule, younger people would save money under the plan, while older people would pay more.

Legislators opposed to passage of the AHCA say it would leave millions of beneficiaries without health coverage.

SkySports: Antonio Conte insists Chelsea can improve again next season
After this result, Chelsea went on a 13 game winning streak, which is the second most consecutive wins in Premier League history. He is the boss, he has driven them from 10th a year ago to make them champions and in the end it has been pretty comfortable.

Older adults could see smaller tax credits from the American Health Care Act than those offered to them by the Affordable Care Act, according to new research.

Under the ACA, health plans can't base premium rates on health status factors, or pre-existing conditions; premiums had to be based on coverage tier, community rating, age (as long as the rates don't vary by more than 3 to 1) and tobacco use.

The American Health Care Act, recently passed by the House, is now in the Senate where it is expected to undergo many changes. HSAs now are an option for people whose health insurance has a very high deductible. The changes would, for the first time, put Medicaid on a budget, limiting federal payments to states for care provided to low-income people.

Obamacare's devastating impact on the health-care industry effectively reduced access to health-care services and treatment for entire communities. A real and nagging problem of the state pools was inconsistent and often inadequate funding of the pools by the states operating them. It would also allow states to opt out of coverage of pre-existing conditions and to impose "lifetime caps" on coverage. For seven years I have promised the people of Alabama's Second District that I would repeal and replace this failed law, and I was finally able to deliver on that promise in a meaningful way with my vote in favor of the AHCA. You might find yourself sick without employer coverage or with a limit on what your insurance will pay.

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