Trump's strategic seating chart for meeting with GOP senators

Trump Senate GOP 'very close' to agreement on health bill

Trump Senate GOP 'very close' to agreement on health bill

And it has Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell frantically telling his fellow Republicans, including President Trump, that if the bill fails to pass the Senate this week, he and his colleagues will be forced to negotiate with Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer.

Kansas senator Pat Roberts says he's encouraged after a meeting between Republican senators and President Trump. "There will be a tremendous amount of pressure put on him as there were on Republicans in the House and a lot of people wound up having to vote for a bad bill".

US Senate Republican leaders have delayed the vote on repealing and replacing Obamacare until after next week's Fourth of July holiday due to a lack of party support.

The Senate delay is a huge blow to Republican lawmakers who have spent the last seven years plotting an end to the ACA, commonly known as Obamacare.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said the senators were coming to the White House to continue working on getting the best bill for the American people. Moderates say they can't vote for a bill that would see the number of uninsured Americans balloon to pre-Obamacare levels.

And it provides hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts to insurers and the wealthy, while allowing states to drop now mandated benefits such as maternity care and hospital services, according to CBO.

It's not surprising fair-minded Republican senators like Susan Collins of ME and Dean Heller of Nevada have rejected the plan developed in secret by Sen.

GOP lawmakers take seats after special election wins
There are a few reasons for this. "Clearly with President Obama gone, she becomes the sole focus", Ryan said. If they won't get out of the way, younger Democrats need to kick the door down - the country can't wait.

The speaker said House members are waiting to see what happens in the Senate. Currently, Americans are required to buy health insurance or pay a fine if they do not.

McConnell, whose party has a razor-thin majority in the 100-member Senate, told reporters that Republican leaders would work through the week to win over the 50 senators needed to pass the bill, with a vote planned in the weeks following the recess. To me, Moran is a canary in the coal mine for broader GOP concerns about the details of their health care bill. Dean Heller during a press conference where the senator announced he will vote no on the proposed GOP healthcare bill at the Sawyer Building on Friday, June 23, 2017, in Las Vegas.

But Trump turned around and branded the House bill "mean", and wanted a Senate bill with more "heart".

"For my part, I'm very concerned about the cost of insurance for older people with serious chronic illnesses and the impact of the Medicaid cuts on our state governments, the most vulnerable people in our society, and health care providers such as our rural hospitals and nursing homes, most of whom are very dependent on the Medicaid program", she explained at length.

"His calculation is that he can spend next week or so trying to figure out how to bring some of these recalcitrant Republicans on board and there's a reason why you don't want to bet against him", Manley said.

It would also eliminate 700 billion dollars worth of taxes over a decade, largely on wealthier people and medical companies - money that Mr Obama's law used to expand coverage. They also get to go home and tell constituents they stood up for their rights, despite sitting down until it was politically convenient to stand.

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