Dragon Ball FighterZ's new characters revealed soon

How Dragon Ball FighterZ Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

How Dragon Ball FighterZ Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

We will be seeing some new characters for the upcoming Dragon Ball fighter very soon.

Shonengamez' Evo 2017 interview with Arc System Works producer Tomoko Hiroki and artist Junya Motomura on Dragon Ball FighterZ was enlightening, giving much-needed details and context to everything from game mechanics to how the game name is officially pronounced (it's supposed to be "Dragon Ball Fighters", in short). It will include nine characters and registrations will open to the public on July 26th. The characters Trunks was beating up in the reveal trailer will likely be included in the beta. Goku, Frieza, Cell, Vegeta, Buu and Gohan all bring their unique fighting styles into the ring with more characters expected to be announced as the game's releases draws nearer. The 2D graphics and over-the-top gameplay capture the spirit of the original anime series, drawing interest from Dragon Ball fans all over the world.

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The full game will launch in 2018, but who are you most excited to play as? According to Hiroki, the "Z" was attached to the end of the title because of its strong connection with the franchise and, with it being the last letter of the title, evokes a "last" and "ultimate" feeling for the game.

Some fans may take issue with Hiroki's statement regarding a Switch version of Dragon Ball FighterZ, but to be fair, Bandai Namco isn't the only company taking a "wait and see" approach with Nintendo's new console. "We want players to first go there, and then we can talk about Fighter Z", he said.

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