Explainer: Here's how India's 14th President will be elected

33% of MPs MLAs who will vote for India’s next president have criminal cases against them Survey

33% of MPs MLAs who will vote for India’s next president have criminal cases against them Survey

Polling is underway in Parliament and state assemblies for electing the 14th President of the country and among the first ones to cast their votes was Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ballot papers will be available in two colours - green for use of MPs and pink for MLAs.

The MLAs or MPs will not be allowed to take pen, pencil or mobile phones inside the polling area besides strict security arrangement would be in place during the elections. President Pranab Mukherjee's term is expiring on July 25. After the vote, the pen will be returned to the polling staff.

Votes of 12 MLAs from the Congress and its allies were declared invalid in September 2016 because they had marked their preferences with a pen other than the one officially supplied by the poll staff. They will be given a violet ink pen that carries a unique serial number before they enter the voting hall.

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The EC has also prepared posters on dos and don'ts at the polling centre. The Election Commission (EC) has appointed several observers to invigilate the conduct of elections.

The ballot boxes would be sent to Chandigarh tomorrow morning and flown to Delhi, a Vidhan Sabha official said. Three MPs – Badruddin Ajmal, Siraj Uddin Ajmal and Radheshyam Biswas – will cast their votes in the State Assembly. The presidential race, which will be hung on July 17, has Ram Nath Kovind as the applicant bolstered by the decision National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government and Meira Kumar - the primary lady to end up Lok Sabha speaker - as Opposition competitor.

BJD in support of Kovind has total 117 MLAs with 2 independent law makers, while the regional party has 19 Lok Sabha and 8 Rajya Sabha MPs in hand with a total of 28 parliamentarians.

Moreover, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, former Union Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi are among 41 Lok Sabha members who have been permitted to vote in their states by the EC in the polls.

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