US May Return Seized Russian Dachas If Syrian Cease-Fire Holds: Trump Aide

Screenshot via CNN

Screenshot via CNN

Gorka's remarks come after reports surfaced saying the White House was considering returning two diplomatic compounds in Maryland and NY that were seized by the Obama administration as punishment for the Kremlin's interference in the 2016 presidential campaign. Gorka asked if Ruhle wanted to talk about "Mosul or continue talking about the nothing-burger story".

Slamming the press as "the fake news industrial complex", Gorka continued, "that's what it is".

He told her that Hillary Clinton's authorization of the sale of 20 percent of America's uranium to Russian Federation while she was Secretary of State is a real news story, especially when there could have been pay-to-play shenanigans at work with the Clinton Foundation.

Tapper pressed the point, asking Gorka: "You don't think it's weak at all to let Russian Federation go after having interfered in the 2016 election with no punishment at all?" "It's about actually having journalism back on TV".

"I'm just going to ignore the insults because I don't think it really gets us anywhere", Cooper said before moving on to his questions about emails that showed Donald Trump Jr. was connected with a Kremlin-linked lawyer who promised to provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton that was obtained by the Russian government.

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"I'm not getting any answers from you", Cooper replied.

Let's start with Gorka, who has sailed past all that kerfuffle about allegedly being a member of a Nazi-affiliated group and exaggerating his military service.

Gorka said Trump confronted Putin about Russian meddling before arguing "you have to move on" from concerns over a foreign government's interference in US democracy. Where are the Walter Cronkites of yesteryear? "It is all about ratings and money, it is really quite sad". "It's bogus ... Anderson, you're like a broken record".

"I think it's amusing you have enough time at the White House to sit around looking at Nielsen numbers", Cooper replied, mildly.

He added, "If you're gonna insult somebody, don't bring up Don Rickles". Cooper said. "That's his schtick". I just thought we'd have some fun with words. "He was beloved. Find another example besides a beloved entertainer like Don Rickles".

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